Mythical Creatures

It’s Folksy Friday and this week I made a Mythical Creatures board to showcase some of the things I have made.

I worked with mixed media as well as some very mixed inspiration!

I’m always inspired by fairy tales and folklore, and Asian art.

There’s an anime influence with the Amaimon mermaid (Blue Exorcist) and the Blue Golem (Laputa – Castle in the Sky – Studio Ghibli).    

Some of these were made with acrylic or watercolour paint (I hate painting!), some with graphite and some with coloured pencils (I love drawing!).

I have cards, postcards (for notes or art cards) and some prints available.

Happy Folksy Friday!


Paynes Grey Art Shop – Illustrations on Folksy

Poppy Ogopogo

My book arrived! Here’s a couple of photos as proof of its existence and a few extras from the book, too! Available to purchase – should you wish!

Poppy Ogopogo

Cryptid news! I illustrated a picture book for author Susan Faw 🙂  

It’s called Poppy Ogopogo and follows Poppy and some very troublesome butterflies

An e-book and print version are available on Amazon.
e-book: paperback:

Susan’s website: