Pressed Flowers

For Valentines  

This is a drawing in progress, and I’ve begun picking out all the flowers I’m planning to use so maybe it will give an idea on where I am going with this one. I am so happy to be revisiting this drawing – they are two characters from my story about some ghosts and they are really great friends. I have bigger plans for them but at this point they are either too bashful to say much (Fileas Grey) or too jaded (Immi – aka the Bitter Immortal).

Some of the cards in my shops – inspired by my pressed flower collection, Valentines, and the forlornly hopeful arrival of Spring

I have lots planned for my blog this year – including sticking to a regular schedule and writing about the many things that interest me, such as anime, Asian art and drawing. Considering how much I am working on I am disappointed in myself that I never talk about it; my blog really should be a lot busier to show that!

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